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Chateau Rouge

Party Rules and Etiquette 

  • Everyone attending is required to have or register for a membership, membership is free and requires a government issued photo ID to verify age.
  • Those arriving in couples will be assigned bracelets to indicate what type of encounters they are looking for.
  • The more intimate area is for couples and group play only, if you are single and not invited to a scene you may not enter that area.
  • Singles may enter the area as a "group" to use a particular zone to play together.  Our goal is to ensure that when people are in the back area they are there for a particular scene and not just wandering around.
  • All play zones will be marked off, please stay in your play zone and do not enter another groups space unless invited to.  You may not interrupt another group scene to join unless they indicate otherwise.
  • We HIGHLY encourage people to use "safer sex" options and will have condoms and other supplies available on site, you are welcome to use your own as well.
  • After you are done with your scene you must ensure it is cleaned afterwards, if you are unsure where supplies are ask a staff member.
  • Place soiled linen in the baskets provided around the play area
  • ABSOLUTELY no cell phones are allowed in the hall, if you need to use your phone there is a lobby up front where you can use your phone.
  • Do keep all nudity and sexual activity within the play zone.
  • Always get consent before touching anyone or their things.
  • If you feel like something is wrong, or want to check in with someone the following colour code is in effect, you may use the words to mean the following
       -Green: Everything is good
       -Yellow: I need a break/ please slow down
       -Red: Something is wrong we need to stop now.
       Staff members will follow up if they hear red is called and non-adherence to                   safety words will result in the offender being removed from the event.
  • No outside food or drink is allowed and free water will be provided.
  • Aggressive, intoxicated behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • We reserve the right to remove anyone from the event who is not following the rules or is being disruptive/unsafe without refund.
  • And always remember to be safe and have fun
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