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VIP Dungeon Rules

  • NO pictures may be taken without permission from volunteers in the VIP Dungeon, if you take a picture without consent of any person you will be removed from the Dungeon.

  • There will be a phone zone where VIP members can use their phone and take pictures within the contained area. You may not take a picture of someone not in the phone zone.

  • Private and public play stations will be available for use please make sure to respect the privacy of those in the private play areas.

  • If you use a play station you Must clean it before and afterwards, cleaning supplies will be provided in the Dungeon.

  • All forms of play Must be done within the play zones.

  • You must have consent before touching anyone!! Always ask permission to ensure everyone has a fun time, be respectful of one another and always keep safety in mind.

  • “Safety Words” Red, Yellow and Green are in effect.

       Green = everything is good
       Yellow = Need a break/slow down
       Red = The scene needs to stop now
       Non-adherence to safety words will result                         in you being removed from the event.

  • All Stations will have a marked off zone of play, those using the station must stay within it and those watching must stay outside the marking unless directly invited in.

  • The Shibari Zone is open to multiple groups to use do make sure you are giving adequate space. If it is full please wait for the next opportunity.

  • No Food or Drink will be allowed inside the Dungeon area. (With the exception of Water)

       If you are intoxicated, you are not allowed                         to use the stations.

  • Genital nudity and use of sex toys is allowed within the Dungeon zone, and penetration is allowed. You are responsible for your own fluids.

  • No metal knives, needles or breakables

  • We reserve the right to remove anyone who is not adhering to the above rules or causing an unsafe space.

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