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Obsidian Rose "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" 
Sat Feb 25, 6 pm-11 pm
1401 Paris St. Travelodge

They say the colour of Valentines Day is red and we're just flowing with it here at Obsidian Rose as we present the long awaited return of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".

Join us Feb 15 and celebrate your love (or lust) as we give ourselves to absolute pleasure.  We will be hosting a shadow crew while the film is playing and your package includes, 1 admission ticket, drinks and popcorn. We will have two shows that day @ 6pm and 9pm doors will open 30 mins beforehand


Of course we encourage you to bring those special little items that have helped make The Rocky Horror Picture Show as famous as it is.  So lets get dressed up, grab your favorite lipstick and take a jump to the left.  See you there.

Cost: $20.00
Age: 18+
Obsidian Rose "The Bad Touch" BDSM Party
Sat Mar 28, 8 pm-2 am
50 Brady St, Arbour Hall

Use code "The Midnight Manor" for a hotel discount at the NorthBury

"You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals, so lets do it like we do on the discovery channel"

Let's get hot, horny and catch the spring fever with our first dungeon party of the year. With the party being in March we are going for a "Spring Fever" theme here are some ideas...

Bright colours (Pink, yellow white etc.)
Animal costumes (Bunny, cat, monkey)
Jungle clothes (lion cloths, vine rope)

If you come dressed in the theme you will receive a ticket for our door prize. The event is open and you must be 18+, and more details closer to the date.

See you all there and lets get wild!

Cost: $30.00 per person at the door
Age: 18+

Past Events:

Shibari Social
Sat Jan 18, 2 pm-6 pm
50 Brady St, Arbour Hall
If you want to book a hotel room for the evening call in and use the code "The Midnight Manor" to receive a discount on your room.
Obsidian Rose Members only:
For those who remember our original event we hosted before, we will be bringing it back with a few expanded features. First, we will be introducing mannequins at the event that will allow those who want to practice in a more safe way or that don't have a partner to tie up to participate more. Second we will have a suspension tripod made available to expand your rope skills (perhaps by suspending a mannequin, amazing how this is all coming together).
We will also be keeping the rules on nudity and have a new expanded photo zone. This type of Shibari Social will remain a members only event.  We will also have a wax play area set up as well
Cost: $10.00 per person at the door
Age: 18+
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