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Shibari Social Rules

  • NO pictures are to be taken at the party by those attending. Phones are not be permitted to be used or seen in the party space.  Phones may be used outside the event space or in a phone zone, which if present, will be clearly marked off.

  • Play spaces will be available for use please make sure to respect the privacy of those in the play areas.

  • If after you are done using a space and remember to clean your area.  Cleaning supplies will be available

  • You must have consent before touching anyone!! Always ask permission to ensure everyone has a fun time, be respectful of one another and always keep safety in mind.

  • “Safety Words” Red, Yellow and Green are in effect.

       Green = everything is good
       Yellow = Need a break/slow down
       Red = The scene needs to stop now
       Non-adherence to safety words will result                         in you being removed from the event.

  • The Shibari Zone is open to multiple groups to use do make sure you are giving adequate space. If it is full please wait for the next opportunity.

  • No Food or Drink will be allowed inside the Dungeon area. (With the exception of Water)

       If you are intoxicated, you are not allowed                         to use the stations.

  • Nudity and use of toys is allowed within the context of social and artistic expression, this is not a sex positive event and you are responsible for your own fluids.

  • No metal knives, needles or breakables

  • We reserve the right to remove anyone who is not adhering to the above rules or causing an unsafe/disruptive environment.

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