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New Looks For The Midnight Manor

As soon of you have noticed on our website and social media there have been some new logos popping up and yes we've been giving our image a sexy makeover. Here we'll share with you some of the insights behind why we've upgraded our signs and how its reflects the growing direction of the club....

Our first logo was done up several years ago back when we were hosting events in community centres. Back in the day our community was all new and there were many concerns of being seen in public as kinky. So our logo was designed to match, discreet, a little extra and can be clearly recognized by someone in the club. We could easily slap it on an entrance door or have it up on a munch table and our people could find us without giving it away we were a kinky group.

Fast forward to today and things have changed a lot. With the launch our of expo, podcast and partnership with other groups we are a lot more loud and proud and need logos to help reflect that. Thanks to our lovely graphic designer we have a new logo to add with a variety of exciting backdrops. And while we are still keeping our old logo when we need something more discreet or retro. Our new signs show a more open and welcoming version of the club eager to make the world a better(kinkier) place for us all!

So if you see these new signs know its us with the same great attitude with a fresh coat of paint, see you around.

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