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The Midnight Manor Releases Its Merch Store!

Those of you who have come out to our local events have seen our table set up with the interesting creations and artwork that has been produced locally. Now many of these products will be available to purchase in our new online store!

Some of the artwork available in our new online store

These fine products will still be available at local events, but now everyone in Canada will have access to our store. Currently we have stickers and artwork available with more creations coming soon. In the workshop, we are continuing to test new products and gather ideas for new designs. We plan to introduce more items to the store throughout 2021 including options for more custom projects.

While shopping online we will always aim to make the process as simple as we can so we, when possible, will include shipping and tax in the price tag. If you see anything in the store that can be improved on or have an item you want to see there message us and we will be happy to look into it.

If you are a small local vendor then we also want to help you grow along side with us, reach out and we can look into getting your products along side our own either online or at local events.

So check out our web-store today and gift yourself with something nice knowing that you are helping your local kink vendors and artisans, have fun.

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