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The Next Two Year Plan "The Foundation"

Welcome back its Midnight here to give you all an update on our future two year plan "The Foundation". Many of you remember our recent post where we talked about all the amazing things we've accomplished in growing our local community and now its time to take the next step. In summary the previous plan was to test the waters and grow our base of kinksters locally and abroad while expanding our inventory to host a variety of events. Well we definitely succeeded in that and have put Sudbury on the kinky map. Now it's time to put all that work to good use. The largest thing missing in our community has been a permanent facility to call our own. While we've had many buildings open to hosting our events the constant shuffling to new locations (not to mention the large costs to move everything for one event) have definitely limited us to this point.

Now we have the solution, The Midnight Manor has acquired a lease for a permeant location to set up both our administration needs and have a kink studio that can be used whenever we want. Our goal is to massively up the number of events we host per month for our members. Previous to the lockdowns we might have on average one event per month that was directly kinky. Now we plan on opening with over five events per month and growing them with our attendance. Many of these events will be designed to have a more intimate feel that we can do more constantly so no matter your schedule and the frequency you want to get kinky we will always have something for you. But this next move isn't just about another club, we are expanding so much of our work using our lair as a base of operations to make the world a kinkier place. Check it out....

The Excite Me Podcast:

We've recently launched our podcast "Excite Me" where we focus on covering kinky news that 's happening to help connect events, influencers and news to anyone in the world. We have a particular focus on wanting to reach out to more isolated groups so people can feel connected and find the resources they need to grow in the journey in the lifestyle. The podcast is available on all the major podcast players and we are now available on YouTube as well. Speaking of, we are developing our recording studio so we can start doing more video content, its been a slow process but we have finished upgrading our electrical and internet to make this a possibility and grow our kinky content for you wherever you are.

The Midnight At Dawn Expo:

While currently on hold till the lockdowns end we are chopping at the bit to get the expos up and running again. We fully plan to bring back The Midnight At Dawn Expo not only to Sudbury but to expand it across Ontario. There are several communities in other cities asking us to bring the expo to their local scene and we are happy to oblige. So expect to see more as our expo comes to a city near you. The expo content is also expanding as we now have vendors and performers from outside of Canada wanting to come to the expo (On a personal note I find it truly heart warming that after only one expo we've had organic reach as far as the southern states wanting to come here to Sudbury, it's truly amazing.) Our content is also diversifying with vendors from the ABDL and steampunk communities having taken interest and we plan to continue to expand the number of communities we can have join us. So keep your eyes peeled for what we announce next in our expo's!

Fully Functional Workshop:

It's important that we have tools for the job at hand and our people are packing. Starting with the expo we knew we needed some more dungeon equipment and show some love to the pieces we had. This lead to us establishing a workshop where we could do the repairs we needed and then our mad scientist Jimmy just kept adding and adding till we could pretty much make anything we want. So now we're expanding to start producing our own local products (like our dickasaurus earring!) and build custom BDSM furniture for anyone who wants it. This self efficacy will allow us to make sure our events are done the way we want and design our own look for the club. Expect more products and details to be added to the website soon.

How you can help and more still to come!

So ya we have some exciting plans for the scene in Sudbury and in all honesty there's more we're cooking up. We have more event types, group expansions, new media content and so much more we want to bring you and will be sharing as we move closer to fully opening. So how can you help? There are two main things. One follow and share us on all your social media, make sure we are getting the word out there to grow our memberships. Secondly support us on patreon(see our website's home page), with our doors forcibly closed it's the best way to support us as we push to the finish line.

Now you know our upcoming plans, its going to be an amazing next couple of years. The scene is exploding with opportunities popping up around every corner and you will have the opportunity to be a part of our foundation. The next chapter for kink in Northern Ontario is here make sure you don't miss out and see you next time.

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