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Update for the Midnight At Dawn Expo

Hey folks! We know you haven’t heard much about the expo, but we’re happy to say we have some news! After talking with the team, venue, vendors, and performers, we decided it was best to postpone the expo to 2022. While we know many of you were hoping for this year, getting everything ready in such a short time frame isn’t in the books. We have set the date for September 10th of 2022, with everything being carried over to next year, giving us time to make it a bigger and better event! We already have some fresh faves who plan on joining us, so make sure to listen to the next episode of the “Excite Me” Podcast to learn more!

On a more current note, just because the expo is postponed doesn’t mean we don’t have some amazing events on the way. Our new club space will be opening soon, and we expect there to be a rush of kinky friends looking to enjoy the space. We are also in the midst of planning our 9th anniversary party! We plan on framing it like a small scale expo, but you’ll have more details on that a little later. Spoilers: we also have a Halloween event in the works, but shhh, that’s a secret. Moving forward, we are super excited to get the expo set up for next year, and we hope to provide you an amazing, kinky experience.

Take care, and make sure you save the date!

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