Monthly Social Events In Sudbury

Every month in Sudbury we host between 6-7 social meet and greet events for people to come out and meet other like minded people in a fun and safe atmosphere.  Its a great place to make new friends, keep up with what's happening and learn more about the lifestyle.  So pull up a chair and we'll see you there.

Event Details:


-Our monthly munch takes place in a dinner atmosphere where we sit down for a meal in our own section of the restaurant and enjoy some good food, good drink and good company.

-Every Wed you are welcome to join us for a coffee at our weekly social, its a very chill and relaxing environment to hang out and chat. Have a drink, or not, we will enjoy your company.

-Do you like games? Great our games night will be the perfect way to end your month.  With more games then you can count and an awesome selective of sweet treats you're sure to have a great time.