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Midnight At Dawn

The Expo For Adults


1pm: BDSM 101

BDSM has been around for as long as people have been, although its recognition as a separate form of sexuality is a relatively recent development. From Cave paintings of spankings, instructions on sensual spanking in the Kamasutra, the Victorian's penchant for the taboo and the iconic images of 1950s models like Betty Page, kink has had some exciting developments throughout history. Currently, the 50 Shades craze is bringing more and more people out of the kinky closet and giving them the chance to experiment with power exchange and S/M.


The most important takeaway for participants is knowing that BDSM is what they make it, within their own relationships. They will know where to find further information and education so that they can build and cultivate their own safe, sane and consensual kinky relationships.

4pm: Sensual Spanking

Discover the sensual side of erotic discipline with a hands-on workshop. Learn how to administer a sensual spanking that your lover will remember for all the right reasons. Discover what a difference a good warm-up, pacing and connective touch can make. Everyone is welcome, friend or partner(s) encouraged.

7pm Bondage Basics

Bondage is a large part of BDSM - it's what the “B” stands for, after all!

We will focus on the fundamentals that you need to know to safely engage in floor (or bed) style bondage. Leather restraints, rope and even plastic wrap will make an appearance in a class that teaches you the basics so that you can go home and try it out tonight! Safety & skill will be taught in equal measure to ensure a good time is had by all.


Stage Show

10pm-10:45pm Cabaret Opening Acts
15 min Intermission
11pm-Midnight Shibari Suspension 

The Midnight Manor is proud to present our final entertainment for the evening, a collection of alternative performances that will entertain and amaze you.

Our opening acts feature a variety of performers showcasing Sudbury's own local talent. Come see an array of stage performances featuring drag, pole dancing and burlesque. Following a brief intermission our second act features the talents of Nightwolf and Literarywhore. Watch as they perform a one hour shibari suspension in the Kazami-Ryu style.  A form of Japanese rope art that has been refined over the centuries and has been described as an intense emotional connection expressed through rope that leaves people speechless.

So make sure you reserve your tickets and join us for an unforgettable experience!

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