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Core Events Schedule Launches At The Midnight Manor

Hi everyone, here at The Midnight Manor we’re excited to tell you about the new event style we’ll be using to make it easier to plan and remember some of your favorite events. We’ve launched our “Core Events” , a series of events we’ll be hosting on the same day every month. So you can always know when your favorite adventures will be happening at The Lair, this is similar to before we had our own place when most events had a fixed time (ex. munch 2nd Tuesday of the month). Here’s our new Core Events schedule…

1st Tues is Adult Crafts Night

2nd Fri is Sensation Night

3rd Sat is Shibari Night

Last Sun is Adult Games Night

Don’t worry we will still be hosting other parties at various times and may change what we include in our Core Events schedule based on what kind of events you like to go to most. If you have any thoughts on our new Core Events schedule make sure to join our Discord server and share them with the community! Take care.

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