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Events have returned to The Midnight Manor!

Good news, everyone! We have officially finished the renovations and have opened our new lair! What a glorious time to be a Sudburian kinkster!

We wanted to share with you our event rotation, as a few things have changed!

Firstly, we have our social events. These include Games Night, Kinky Crafts Night, and the Social Drop In. These events are great for getting to know the community, hanging out with potential play partners, and enjoying the space. Admission to social events is $5 unless the event specifies otherwise.

Next, we have skill building nights! These include things like the Knotti Shibari events, the upcoming Sensation Night, (wax, knife play, and temperature play) and a few more secret events that will become known to the public in due time. These are great for practicing RACK, and building up your skills to bring into the bedroom. Admission to these events is typically in the $10 range, again, unless the event itself specifies otherwise.

And finally, we have the big ones! These mainly include things like play parties, dungeon evenings, etc. They typically have a theme (ex. Saturday's dungeon party is school themed) and admission is in the $20 range, unless the event itself specifies otherwise.

The more interest we get for certain events, the more of these events we’ll hold, so be sure to come on out, support your local kinky community, and let us know in person or on social media what you want to see!

Keep an eye on our website, social media pages, and Fetlife events, and come enjoy our very own kinky space! See you soon!

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