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Excite Me #3 "Getting Bratty with the Headmistress"

Greetings, fellow kinksters! As some of you know, we recently did an episode of our podcast, “Excite Me”, featuring a very special someone. We had the honour to feature none other than the lovely Headmistress Shahrazad! In the podcast we cover a wide arrangement of topics, including a little history of the Headmistress herself.

Shahrazad has been in the kink community for a solid 20 years, and now has her own dungeon by the name of the Ritual Chamber, whose motto is “Real People, Real Kink.” This is very important because Shahrazad strives to ensure that kink is accessible to everyone in the community, from beginners to experts, Doms, Subs, Brats, and everything in between. Her space is for people who “have desires, but may not know where to get those needs met,” and as such becomes a perfect space based in Toronto where people can really explore themselves. This lines up well with our own goals at The Midnight Manor, where we’re trying to bring a similar experience for people in Northern Ontario, with things like our Munches, Shibari socials, and more. Now, we know the dumpster fire of 2020 has been hard on absolutely everyone, and this includes the kink community, however, Shahrazad has taken a really interesting approach to keeping her business and community alive, in the form of Zoom based Kink Education Workshops! On December 2nd, she has “Brat Play 101”, which comes with a very interesting philosophy. Brats tend to get a bit of a bad rep for being “disrespectful” and “difficult to work with”, but Headmistress Shahrazad believes that “Brats are a category unto themselves, if we treat them the same way we treat submissives, then we are going to get frustrated.” Personally I think this is very true (as I am a Brat myself!) and I really think that this will be a valuable class, not only to the Dominants dealing with this special subset of submissives, but to the Brats themselves, so we can figure out what they really need from their doms.

If you’re interested in this, or any other of the 8 workshops being held in December and January, feel free to check out These are all held on Zoom, you’re not required to have your camera on, and you’re not even required to use your real name, if that’s something you’re uncomfortable with. Which is an amazing opportunity for those who are just stepping into the community, or those who would like to maintain some anonymity. Now, after telling you all of this, I’m sure you’d like to listen to our very own episode featuring this lovely human! The link for our website is where you’ll find links to our podcast, our discord channel, and the rest of our juicy social media channels!

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