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Private Rentals And Events!

Ever wanted to create your own event or have a more private experience with a special someone? Well now you can as The Lair is now open to private rentals. You can use our space for your own kinky adventure or as a cool spot to host your next gathering.  We are open to a wide variety of ideas with options to to use our furniture to create your ideal setting.  So reach out to us to get started on your next amazing memory! 


1 Hour                    60.00        
3 Hours                150.00             
5 Hours               200.00             

1  Piece of equipment        
Pieces of equipment               
Pieces of equipment               

Rental times*

Mon-Thurs                  6pm-11pm        
Fri-Sat                         10am-2am   
Sun                             10am-11pm

*Please see our calendar for available times.

We have custom packages available as well!

If you have an event that requires different times or has some special conditions we can help with that. Remember it doesn't have to be a kinky event.  You could do a yoga class, Holiday Party, photo shoot etc. We will also be running special promos for private rentals so keep an eye on our social media for more details!
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