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Midnight At Dawn

The Expo For Adults

Vendor Information

Welcome to another exciting year at the Midnight At Dawn Expo, we've upgraded our facility size to make room for more features and booth space to continue enhancing our customers experience.  More details are available below and some highlights include an added Vendor Showcase room, Exploratorium and more! With the added space we are able to offer more standardized booth space while keeping one plus size for those who want it.  Below you can pick your own booth spot, green squares are open booths and red ones are already paid for. You can also see a list below of who's where to help pick your ideal location. We cant wait to have you with us so check out our floor plan and let us know where you want to be!
Vendor Fair Saturday August 19th, Noon-10pm
_Vendor Hall - Sheet1.png
Vendor Fair Section

​1. Lockbox leather
6. Acsexorise
7. Fabulously Fierce
8. Alex Deviant Creations
9. The Neurodivergent Polyamorist Podcast

​13. Wood You Play
14. That Candle Lady
17. Astonishing Kink
18. Iron Phoenix Armour
19. Iron Phoenix Armour

28. Pure Romance
31. Weirdly Wired
32. FFFunfurniture
35. Dracaris Floggers
36. Dracaris Floggers

Price Guide:

  Early Bird       After
(ends June 30th) 
Standard 8X10        1-6, 8-36         90.00         110.00
Plus Size 8X20        7                   150.00         180.00
The vendor fair will run Sat Aug 19th, from noon to 10 pm (subject to change), vendors will be given 2 hours before and after for set up and take down.  If you need more let us know so we can accommodate you. 
If you are the only one at your booth and need to leave to get food or the washroom we will have event staff moving around that can watch your booth while you take a quick break or help arrange food to be brought to you.

Early bird pricing for the Vendor fair ends by June 30 and may be made via e-transfer.  Full refunds may be made up to 1 months prior to the Expo without penalty.  If for any reason the Expo is cancelled all vendor fees will be refunded.

After we confirm payment for your space you will be sent a vendor application form to fill out all relevant details for your booth this includes but not limited to, the details of your company/crew and any special/additional requires you may have.

All packages come with an 8X2 table and 2 chairs, if you need more let us know to make a note of it for your booth. If you need more tables they will be rented and set up at your booth for an additional $10.00 fee A limited amount of coffee will be made available free to vendors during the initial set up before the event starts.

This year includes two new features that may be useful for some vendors. First off is our Vendor Showcase Zone where you can take customers into a 10X20 open space to demo products that may take too much room to do so at your booth. The second is the Exploratorium where we will be having several people demoing a variety of kinky techniques for customers looking to explore (ex. paddles, floggers etc.). If your offer such products for sale you may want to refer people to that space to try it out or place your booth nearby so customers eager to get their own toys can stop to shop immediately.

To begin your application, or to ask us any questions use the email below to contact us and we look forward to hearing from you. Please note booth reservation is first come first served.

Contact us via email below to get started booking your booth(s)

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