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Vendor Information

This year we are offering vendors the option to choose their booth location and booth type.  We have 3 booth size options available standard, plus and large each with its own dimensions and price.  This will allow you to better attain the booth size that best accommodates your style and inventory you bring in.  Details on the packages will be explained below.  As booths are booked they will be marked red and a list underneath will tell you who is where so you can better position yourself.  Please note that Hall 2 is the Aspen hall and will be near the stage area where the workshops and seminars will occur and will be attracting special traffic.
Vendor Fair Saturday September 26 Noon-10pm
Hall 1 (Arbour)
Hall 2 (Aspen)
Main Vendor Hall - Sheet1 (1).jpg

Price Guide:

  Early Bird       After
(ends July 31st) 
Standard 8X10        1,2,4-27         80.00          100.00
Plus Size 8X13        3, 28-29        100.00         120.00
Large Size 14X12     30-33           150.00          180.00
2nd vendor hgall.jpg



2. Fox Haven
3. Bad-Ass Designs
9. Lockbox Leather
10. Lockbox Leather
13.Sarah's Sundries & Curio Emporium
16. Wood You Play
17. That Candle Lady
28. Upper Canada Leather
29. Upper Canada Leather
30. Primal Gypsy Creations and Co.
31. Primal Gypsy Creations and Co
33. Bound In Iron
The vendor fair will run Sat Sept 26 from noon to 10 pm, vendors will be given 2 hours before and after for set up and take down.  If you need more let us know so we can accommodate you. 
If you are the only one at your booth and need to leave to get food or the washroom we will have event staff moving around that can watch your booth while you take a quick break or help arrange food to be brought to you.
The night before we will have a Dungeon and Exploratorium running from 7 pm to 2 am.   We are offering vendors the opportunity to showcase their products and services during that time.  Your booth package includes access to the Exploratorium, and there will be a stage area at the event.  You will be able to book a 30 min time slot to do a brief display to advertise your business before the vendor fair, and this is optional.  You can also have a person walk around displaying your products (ex. fetish wear) and informing customers where to find you on Sat.  Please refrain from making sales during this time.
Early bird pricing for the Vendor fair ends by Aug 31 and may be made via e-transfer.  Refunds may be made up to 2 months prior to the Expo.  If for any reason the Expo is cancelled all vendor fees will be refunded.
All packages come with an 8X2 table and 2 chairs, if you want more let us know to make note of it for your booth.
We will be running our scavenger hunt again this year where everyone who enters the vendor fair will received a list of clues to find vendors, each vendor will be provided a stamp for the cards.  Once the card is complete it can be entered in for a prize draw this will encourage everyone attending to reach out to the vendors at the show.
To begin your application, or to ask us any questions use the email below to contact us and we look forward to hearing from you.


Contact us via email and click below to fill out your application

Updates for Covid-19

As we move forward with this year's expo here are a few important updates for our vendors, after speaking to our venue to ensure we maintain a health aware atmosphere to keep everyone one safe we are implementing some new policies this year.  Please not these requirements may changed with the situation, we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best so we all can succeed and have a great time.
-We may have part of the vendor fair outdoors, as the City of Greater Sudbury has been allowing larger gatherings in this setting, we ask all vendors let us know if this is an option that can work for them
-The early bird pricing has been extended into August
-At this point all vendors must bring the appropriate face protection (ex face mask/shields) and have some form of sanitizing available according to their product and/or service.
-Everyone entering and leaving the building will need to sanitize their hands.
-We are rearranging the booth set up to benefit from ergonomics and address health concerns (see images below).
-According to the venue, social distancing is not required where the parties involved are wearing PPE and our booth sizes are big enough to allow social distancing between people

Old Set Up

New Set Up

Booth Set up.jpg
This new method will help people socially distance while allowing customers to more engage with the vendor