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The Midnight Manor rolls out its news network!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Hi everyone it's Midnight here, and I'm proud to announce our new updates section to our website to help centralize our news feed to all our follows.

with so many projects its been hard to make sure everyone gets access to everything

So Many Social Platforms, and Now We Have a Main Hub

From our humble beginnings exclusively on Fetlife over 8 years ago, The Midnight Manor is now on Facebook, Snap-chat and Instagram with its own Discord and Excite Me Podcast with plans to expand to twitter and Reddit. Each platform has its own advantages and unique features, however we want all our followers to be able to stay up-to-date on whats happening. Our website is the perfect place for this as we have full control and customization to create meaningful content that can be shared to all our platforms. You will now see that most of our content, media, news, events etc. will be centralized and posted first on our website and then filtered out to our other media outlets. This will result is us creating the content we want, then accommodating it to other platforms (ex. no photo's on Fetlife discussions). It will also give us better reach to the internet in general (ex. Google) to help grow our base and awareness for the lifestyle. And thank you all for helping to make us the success we are today, our team looks forward to continuing to expand our services to better improve your experiences and help connect you with other like minded people. Take care and see you around.

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