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Rent the Manor!

Are you looking for a space to break free for a while and have some fun? Maybe you have an event to host?

Well we have some great news for you! The Midnight Manor is available for private rentals! You can rent our space by the hour or by the package, then you’re free to use our equipment and have a blast! Do you and your partner(s) need a night out? We’ve got you. Did you want to meet up with some folks for some naughty fun? We’ve got you! We have a king sized, reinforced bed, a sex swing, a St. Andrews Cross, spanking benches, and more! All you need to supply is the toys!

Our unique lighting and sound system set up can provide you with an enriching, sensual experience, a wild dungeon night, or whatever suits your needs!

Why go to a hotel when we have much better equipment?

Check our website for details at or shoot us an email at to reserve your slot!

We can’t wait to see you!

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