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Becoming a Member

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Many of The Midnight Manor's events are restricted to "members only" as a way to both verify your age and to ensure we are vetting clients to promote a more enriching and safer environment for events.  Memberships are always free and your personal information protected.

Membership types:

The General Membership is to verify you are over the age of 18 and is open for all adults to apply.  It's mainly used for our discord server. The link for the server is in the Digital Domain section. Once you're there, follow the instructions on the graphic, and someone from the mod or admin team will follow up to verify you!

The Obsidian Rose (BDSM) membership is needed for in person members only events that involve kink (such as Shibari Night, Sensation Night, and Dungeon Parties.) To apply for an Obsidian Rose Membership, simply come out to one of those events! Before entering we will go through the rules, check whichever form of Photo ID you brought with you (to verify your age), and give you a tour of our setup, and you can join the fun right away!

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