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Why You Should Be A Member

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Many of The Midnight Manor's events are restricted to "members only" as a way to both verify your age and to ensure we are vetting clients to promote a more enriching and safer environment for events.  Memberships are always free and your personal information protected.

Membership Types:

General Membership

The "General Membership" is to verify you are over the age of 18 and is open for all adults to apply.  To get your membership read the "General Membership Rules" and send us an email (via the contact page) to get started.

Obsidian Rose(BDSM)/Chateu Rouge(Swinger):


Some of our more exciting events require an orientation before you can get a membership and must be done in person.  These special events will have their own unique rules/guidelines and are designed for people who are active in the lifestyle and club.

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