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The Midnight Manor Event Association Program

Hey folks! So you may remember our re-launch of the “Triforce of the North” campaign, (if not, read about it *HERE*

Well today, we wanted to talk about another campaign that will be resuming shortly. This one is called the Midnight Manor Association Program. This program is an easy way for Midnight Manor members to host their own events under the Manor name. There are several different tiers to this program, and you can use the one that suits you best. The tiers are as follows:

Direct Manor Organizer: This is where you work directly with the Midnight Manor and get to rely on our resources and team support to create events that directly fit with our goals and mission.

Indirect Manor Organizer: You run your own event whether at our location or elsewhere. While you are close with the Manor and we cross promote each other, you remain in control of the direction and feel of the event.

Associated Organizer: This is seen as your event, but it is not directly associated with the Manor. However, you want people to be aware that you stand with the community, and want to create a safe space for all regardless.

Naturally, you would need to get in touch with staff if you would like to adopt one of these titles, but we would be beyond glad to have you as we get ready to party!

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