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The return of the "Triforce Of the North" campaign!

You've heard our plans for the future and repairs for the lair are close to being finished, soon the doors will open for Sudbury's first kink friendly club. Now lets see how are we going to fill this club up to be the best place to get your kink on in Northern Ontario!

Back at the start of 2020 (ah the good old days) we made a post on Fetlife about our new "Triforce of the north" campaign, a project that would help define the culture and range for The Midnight Manor. Of course as you all know that didn't go very far, but now we are returning full "force" (yes get ready for a cheesy blog post) to get this awesome project back on its pedestal.

So what was the original goal for the "Triforce Of the North" campaign, hereby known as "TON" (why is the second last "t" silent? just as the "milf's")? Well it was to help define and structure the core of who we are as a kink culture and just how much reach we want to have outside of Sudbury. This also ties into our goals for sustainability, the larger the pool of people to reach out to the stronger we will be and the more we can provide to our members. This area reaches out to North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie Timmins and all the smaller townships in between. So why just limit ourselves there and what makes this "trio" of cities count? Great questions, you could say this boils down to these places sharing a "tri" factor amongst them.

1) Driving Distance: The cities mentioned are all within "3" hours driving time of Sudbury a reasonable amount for someone to be able to drive to an event and get back home in the same day. We are planning to make sure there are events designed to cater to this distance so whether your looking to stay overnight or do a day trip there will be events available to you.

2) Common Northern Ontario Culture: For much of Northern Ontario we have a common culture separate from Southern Ontario and we want to take advantage of this to build our own experiences of what it means to be kinky as a northerner. As many people in our club are fairly new we are building this culture from the ground up and will be discovering this path together.

3) Current members reside here: Organically the vast majority of our current members reside in this triangle so it makes sense to build where our success is.

Q) Does this mean other cities aren't invited to join us?

A) No, we are open to anyone who wants to explore the lifestyle, TON represents where will be focusing our core energy for recruiting more members. These areas combines give us over a quarter of a million people to reach out to, a solid base indeed.

Q) Will this area be permanent?

A) Maybe, in time we will grow and this may be reflected in changes in our core locations, time will tell and we are not constraining ourselves (save it for rope nights)

Q) What sort of benefits will these other towns receive from The Midnight Manor in Sudbury?

A) Awesome stuff! As these cities are now part of TON there will be receiving special interest from The Midnight Manor to help grow their local communities. We know how hard it can be for small cities to have a healthy and consistent kink community (more on this in a future blog) So we will have a vested interest in helping out. This will often come in the form of helping local organizers run local events and The Midnight Manor doing travelling events to these cities.

All in all this is the beginning of a new era for kink in Northern Ontario. No longer will we see ourselves as distant and separate small communities, but sharing a common goal and growing the roots for our future success. So remember, when it comes to being kinky and having fun remember to bring it by the "TON". Take care and look forward to seeing you all soon.

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